30 Days to Simplify Your Life

A 30 day eBook and video challenge to declutter your space and mind.


The 30 Day Simplify your Life Challenge is about

  • changing your perspective
  • creating a space that feels freeing and;
  • putting less focus on the things in your life, and a bigger focus on how you live your life.

The challenge began as a playlist of daily videos.

After many requests, it’s now an eBook that you can purchase to inspire, guide and motivate you to simplify your life one day at a time.

The eBook works alongside the daily challenge videos, giving you:

  • In depth guidance for each day of the challenge
  • Daily checklists to keep you on track towards simplifying your life
  • An easy format to work through the mental decluttering portion of the challenge
  • Mini-guides with extra information to motivate and inspire you to simplify your life

Click here to get a sneak peek of the eBook.



From day one to day fourteen

You’ll declutter a different category of your physical space every day. By the end of the first half of the challenge, you’ll have fallen in love with your space again.

From day fifteen to day thirty 

You’ll go through guided exercises to eliminate your mental clutter every day. By the end of the last half of the challenge, you’ll have space for you in your life.


  • You’ve been thinking about minimising for a while, but just never get around to it
  • You’ve ‘decluttered‘ before, but everything has made a sneaky comeback over time
  • You feel like you’re getting closer to that minimising point where something clicks, but want a final kick
  • You don’t feel in control of your physical space or mental space
  • You’ve been trying to #hustlehard for like a year now but you’re not Sophia Amoroso yet and you’re sick of it
  • You’re starting to think the hustle life is a conspiracy and the simplified life might be where it’s at


  • You’re interested in getting rid of everything you own and living a nomad life (You’ll need something more)
  • You aren’t mentally prepared to part with your things because you love them so much (I feel you, it’s hard)
  • Your mind and physical space are clutter free. (You’re a babe, go you)

If you think this eBook would make a difference in your life, click here to purchase it and start your thirty day journey transforming your space and mind.