Day 30 – YOU DID IT!!!

“Owning less it great. Wanting less is better


You’ve reached the last day of the Simplify Your Life Challenge.

Today, we’re closing out.

Feel free to watch the LAST video in the challenge for a recap of the below.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Review your physical space
  • Review your mental space

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:


1. Review your physical space

If you don’t feel like you’ve achieved what you wanted to achieve when it comes to your physical space, write down a list now of what still needs to be done.

Choose to extend this challenge a little longer for yourself, and dedicate specific time in the next few days (or weeks) to ticking off everything on that to do list.


2. Review your mental space

If there was a day that particularly resonated with you, revisit that day now. Is there anything you can do to take that challenge one step further?

Write down any action steps that you might need to take in order to declutter your mental space that little bit further.


3. Celebrate

It’s time for you to CELEBRATE. You didn’t make it to the end of this challenge without a ton of hard work. Reward yourself for your effort in a way that’s attainable to you. You’re a freaking machine.

My real, honest to god hope is that you’ll continue to pursue simplicity and work towards being completely happy with what you have and who you are.

Sending all of my love and happy vibes your direction.

Thanks so much for your support and love throughout this challenge – I appreciate you so v v much.

Day 29 – Recommended Resources on Minimalism

Clutter is no more than postponed decisions.



Today we’re easing out and setting you up to continue on your journey to a simplified life.

Your only job today is to pick two resources on simplifying to listen to / watch / read in future. If you aren’t interested in purchasing books after your big book clean out, get them on loan from the library for free or download them online.

Here are a few that I would recommend (don’t feel that you need to choose these!)

1.  Book: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up

If you weren’t aware already, the Life Changing Magic of Tidying up is what started me on my journey to minimalism. After reading it, I got rid of 3/4 – 1/2 of the things that I owned. It changed my relationship with possessions and money completely.


2.  Book: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck

This book inspired day 18 – decide what you do and don’t care about. The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck really makes you start evaluating what you give up your mental energy for.


3. Book: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

I haven’t read this book, but as far as I know it’s a really similar concept to the Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, (and for whatever reason, a lot more popular). It’s centred around choosing what to care about, focusing on problems that are meaningful and important and taking responsibility.


4.  Movie: Minimalism: A documentary about the Important Things

This might still be on netflix depending on when you’re reading this. I would call this documentary inspiring – not actionable. If you feel like you need something to encourage you to delve further in to the world of minimalism, this is a great resource.


5. Book: You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This book isn’t focused on minimalism, but it does touch on a lot of ‘mental clutter’ – with chapters about gratitude, meditation and negative beliefs. This book is a bit woo woo – and at points it’s kind of harsh. Read with caution.


6.  Blog: James Clear Archives on Minimalism

A lot of the time I find that books could have been condensed down in to blog posts. James Clears articles on minimalism are insightful and informative, and if you treat the information that he shares as seriously as if you were reading a book, they’ll make a huge impact.


7.  Blog: Becoming Minimalists Archives on Minimalism

Becoming Minimalists is another blog that I’ve referred to a lot this year. Joshua Beckers thoughts on simplifying and minimising are awesome resources to help you apply minimalism in your daily life.


8.  Podcast: The Minimalists Podcast

This podcast comes from the same two guys that created Minimalism: A documentary about the Important Things. When I listened to this podcast (it was awhile ago now). It’s filled with useful wisdom and inspiration, and you might love it.


In the interest of simplicity and avoiding information overwhelm, I recommend picking only one to two resources.

See you tomorrow – it’s going to be a little bit of a recap / close out to finish up the challenge – nothing too strenuous.

Day 27 – Plan a ‘Self Care’ Day

Put yourself at the top of your to do list every single day and the rest will fall in to place.


Rest / self care are essential in life. Without self care, you will wither. Learning to take time to do you without feeling guilty that you’re not doing other things is HARD.

Luckily, today, I’m here instructing you to do it so you have no choice.

Today, we’re planning out your self care / do nothing day.

If you want to watch the daily challenge video for a recap, click here.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Pick your self care day and schedule it in to your calendar
  • Choose your activities for your self care day
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Pick a day

It doesn’t matter when your self care day is, as long as it’s scheduled in. Once you’ve chosen your self care time, insert an event in your calendar labelled ‘self care’ to make it more real.


2. Choose your activities

This isn’t a day to get sh*t done. This also isn’t a day to be a slug and watch netflix, drink coffee and eat chocolate.

This is a day to unwind, relax and refresh your mind. Here are some ideas for activities that you could include in your self care day:

  • Eat a big healthy breakfast at your favourite cafe
  • Watch the sunrise / sunset
  • Light a Candle
  • Take a Bath
  • Read a book
  • Drink heaps of water
  • Limit your caffeine intake
  • Journal
  • Self care playlist
  • Cover yourself in nice smelling lotions
  • Take a walk
  • Use a face mask
  • Have a cup of relaxing tea
  • Listen to inspiring podcasts
  • Stretch
  • Colour
  • Meditate
  • Watch a TED talk
  • Turn off your phone / computer for the day

Have a look at your ‘happy list’ if you’re struggling. Pick a few things that you want to to do on your self care day – you should choose little things that you know will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

If there’s any prep that you need to do (i.e. buy a face mask, find a self care playlist) do that now.


3. Celebrate yourself

Hey, you got through another day of the challenge! You’re doing fabulously.

Celebrate how far you’ve come in such a short period of time.

See you tomorrow xoxo

Day 26 – Simplify your To Do List

Stop the glorification of busy.


Yesterday you did a HUGE brain dump.

If you’re anything like me, you got out like 50 – 100 things that have been cluttering up your head for god knows how long.

Todays challenge: Simplifying your to do list.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Pick a tool for your to do list (i.e. paper notebook, list phone app)
  • Write todays to do list of one important thing, two – four less important things
  • Action your to do list
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Pick a Tool

I hate to put this first, but I feel like it’s important.

I want you to take literally take 20 minutes, put on a timer, and pick the tool that you want to use to write your to do lists for the next month.

When it comes to productivity apps, it’s so easy to see the next shiny thing and want to switch. That’s why I’m asking you to stick with it for a month. In a months time, you can 100% change it if you’re not feeling it.


2. Write todays to do list

Write down one important thing that you need to get done.

The important thing should be something that’s going to really add to your life – it might be something that you’ll really thank yourself for later in the week, or something that will bring you closer to your goals.

Then write down two – four other things that aren’t as important. You can pull these from your brain dump yesterday.


3. Action your to do list

Focus on doing your one important thing right away. If it feels too big and scary to do, break it down in to small, baby steps. Finish it entirely.

Then, move on to your next to do items. The trick is to focus on the most important thing, the thing that’s going to bring you the MOST value first thing in the day. Then look at getting the rest done.

The second trick is to keep it at only a few to do’s.

Doing this hones in your focus, makes your to do list feel ‘doable’ and helps you to get way more done.


4. Celebrate yourself

You’re so bloody close to the end!

See you tomorrow you beautiful soul.

Day 25 – Brain Dump

Clutter is not just physical stuff. It’s old ideas, toxic relationships and bad habits. Clutter is anything that doesn’t support your better self.


Today we’re doing a huge, massive brain dump of everything ‘to do’, ‘to think about’ and ‘to discuss’ item that you have floating around in your brain.

All of the to do items in your head are constantly taking up mental energy. By getting them out on paper (or on to your note taking app), you’re allowing yourself to focus.

I would recommend doing a drain dump once a week to destress and get everything out.

Feel free to watch the daily challenge video for a recap of the below.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Do a big massive brain dump of every little to do item that’s floating in your head. Use the wiki ‘trigger list’ to help you think of everything
  • Eliminate anything on your to do list that you don’t actually want or need to do
  • Organise your task list
  • Celebrate how freaking amazing you are

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Brain dump like a pro

Open up the ‘trigger list’ on your phone / computer. Using the trigger list as a prompt, write down everything taking up your mental space as a ‘to do’ item.

Phew. After doing that, you should feel like an entire world has been lifted off of your shoulders.


2. Eliminate

You’ll find a bunch of weird things have been plaguing your mind that you aren’t even that fussed about.

For example, you might have written down ‘Look into getting health insurance’, because that’s been taking up space in your head since you saw that email from at work from that corporate health cover provider. But on second thought, you don’t even want health insurance. Fabulous. Cross it off. Get rid of it.

Ruthlessly eliminate things that don’t matter on your list.


3. Organise your task list

It’s 100% up to you how you want to organise your lists (you might just want one BIG list), but here’s a framework to consider:

Organise your list of stuff to do in to categories –

  • Phone calls to make
  • Things to discuss with (partner / family / friends)
  • Things you can do at home
  • Things you can do while you’re out and about
  • Projects

These are ‘contextualised to do lists’ – I picked this up from the cutest lady at learn do become.

If you put an item on your ‘errands‘ list – next time you’re out and have time to kill, you can look up your errands list and get something ticked off. Next time you’re with your partner / best friend / whoever, check your ’things to discuss’ list and make sure you talk about that holiday you want to plan.

You can still do your daily to do list (we’ll get into that tomorrow) – but contextualised lists are handy for getting things done on the go.


4. Celebrate how freaking amazing you are

Hopefully after letting all of that out you’re feeling a lil lighter.

I’ll see you tomorrow,


Day 24 – Define your Personal Style

“Personal style is accepting who you are.”


Finding your personal style is a big, long journey.

BUT when you finally get to the point where you feel like you know and love your personal style – getting dressed in the morning is a breeze. Shopping for new clothes is SO much simpler. Every time you put on an outfit you feel totally comfortable and in line with what you’re wearing.

For a recap of this email, feel free to watch the daily challenge video.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Write down two words that you want to define your personal style
  • Create a colour palette for your wardrobe
  • Create a ‘things I don’t wear’ list
  • Create a pinterest board
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Write down your two words

Fun and quirky’ ‘Expensive and classy’ ‘Boho and chill‘. It feels dumb to do, but write down two words that you want to define your personal style. If you’re struggling, have a think about your style icons and how you would describe their style.

From hereon, keep these two words in mind whenever you make a purchase for your wardrobe.


2. Create a colour palette

If you’re apprehensive about creating a colour palette, realise that it isn’t set in stone. You can add or take away from it at any time.

Go as simple as you can to start off with. Don’t feel pressure to go for ‘trendy’ colour palettes. Do what works for you personally, and go for colours that you know look great on you.

3. Create a ‘things I don’t wear’ list

My ‘things I won’t ever wear’ list consists of tassels, floral prints, ballet flats, maxi dresses, gladiator sandals and a whole bunch more. These are all things I can totally appreciate from a afar, but know don’t suit my personal style.

Your list might contain:

  • Different clothing patterns or prints (i.e. no graphic tees, no stripes, no florals, etc)
  • Shapes of clothing (i.e. no loose t-shirts, no tight t-shirts, no pencil skirts)
  • Trends that you know don’t work for you but sometimes get tempted by (i.e. birkenstocks, chokers)
  • Certain brands that you want to stay away from

A good idea is to refer back to your ‘two words’ when you’re brainstorming. What types of clothing don’t fit in to your descriptive words?


4. Create a pinterest board

Create a new pinterest board. In the description, put your two words, your colour palette and your ‘things I don’t wear’ list.

You don’t have to fill your pinterest board with inspiration now, but pin a few images on there to get yourself started.


5. Celebrate yourself

The point of todays exercise was to give you a base for your personal style – you’ll continue to shape your style for (hopefully) forever. This is just the beginning.

You’re getting to the end of the 30 day challenge, only just under a week to go. As always, show yourself some appreciation for sticking it out.


Day 23 – Cull your Goals

The key isn’t to prioritise what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”


It’s entirely likely that in 2016, you sat down, lit a candle, and wrote down a whole bunch of goals.

Which is GREAT. SO GREAT. But today is about eliminating your goals and narrowing your focus.

A resource that I would recommend around ruthelessly eliminating goals is James Clears massive goals guide and my #goalsweek video where I talk aaaalll about why you should only have a few goals at a time.

Feel free to watch the daily challenge video for a recap of the below.


Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • List out all of your goals
  • Prioritise your goals from most impactful to least impactful
  • Eliminate your goals until you have 1 – 3 goals left to focus on
  • Celebrate yourself


Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. List out all of your goals

Write out all of the goals you’ve got floating around in your mind.


2. Prioritise your goals

Label the goals that you’ve set by priority. Which goal is going to make THE biggest positive impact in your life? Put that goal as first priority (and so on and so forth).


3. Eliminate them

If you have just a few goals, even just one, you’re able to focus all of your time and energy into that goal. If you have 20, you’re going to be overwhelmed, want to quit and not achieve majority of the stuff you wanted to.

Pick your top 1 – 3 goals, and eliminate the rest. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get to do the goals you’ve crossed off, it means you’re focusing on only a few at a time and you’ll move on to the other one’s later.


4. Celebrate yourself

It’s hard to let go of goals and narrow your focus. But I promise that it’ll be worth it in the end.

Day 22 – Show Gratitude

Stop trying to impress others with the things that you own. Begin inspiring them by the way that you live.”


Today we’re going for an easy breezy task that will fill you with happiness. All you need to do today is write down 25 things that you’re grateful for.

You’re welcome to watch the challenge video for today for a recap of the below.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Brainstorm 25 things that you’re grateful for in your notebook
  • Write down 3 ways you can practice gratitude in your daily life
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are (you know how to do it!

Your step by step guide for todays challenge


1. Write down 25 things that you’re grateful for

Follow these rules:

Rule #1 They need to be specific. For example ‘My amazing friends.’ isn’t enough. ‘The love my best friend shows for me on the daily by sending me cute motivational quotes through instagram’ is enough!

Rule #2 They need to be different. No repeating the same thing over again.


2. Write down one way that you can practice gratitude in your daily life

Gratitude helps to retrain your brain to see the positive in life. When you’ve written down what that you’re grateful for, start thinking about how you can practice gratitude regularly.

E.g. Start a gratitude journal. Do some ‘self talk’ gratitude regularly.


3. Celebrate how freaking amazing you are

You are so great. Just a reminder.

Day 21 – Identify your Negative Beliefs

Change the way that you look at things, and the things that you look at change.”

What are negative beliefs?

Negative beliefs are the weird beliefs that you have that indicate that you’re limited in some way. For example, a negative belief might be that you think you suck at creative stuff.

Why are they the worst?

Following on from that example – if you believe that you have some weird limitation and are just not a creative person, whether it’s true or not – it will become true.

Some of your beliefs (e.g. I suck at talking to people) might be ever present. Some beliefs (e.g. I suck at creative stuff in general) are just there. They rarely come up, but you blindly believe them to be true when a relevant situation arises.

So today, we’re going to pull them our negative beliefs out in the open. (I’m going to take this chance to recommend You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. It has an ]chapter on negative beliefs that’s super enlightening.)

Feel free to watch the 21st challenge video for a recap of the below.




Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

I always recommend reading the step by step guide first, but today in particular – read the guide first!

  • Identify your negative beliefs
  • Determine what lead to the existence of the negative belief
  • Determine what your lizard brain gains from holding your negative beliefs
  • Poke holes in your beliefs
  • Brainstorm different reasons for negative situations happening
  • Create new evidence to support the opposite of your negative belief
  • Celebrate yourself

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:


1. Find your limiting beliefs

Identifying your negative beliefs is about being self aware. When you feel anxious, stressed, angry, overwhelmed, down – be aware of what negative beliefs might be making you feel that way.

For example, every day you walk in to a job that you hate. You feel like crap, like you’re stuck and can’t get out. What’s the limiting belief that’s helped you get in to this situation? It could be a super simple limiting belief, like ‘I suck at job interviews.’ or way heavier, like ‘I’m incompetent and people don’t like me.’

Think of times or areas of your life where things are wrong, bad, crappy, and write down what limiting belief helped to make them that way in your notebook.

2. Determine why your limiting beliefs exist

Most of the time, you can pin point why you have a limiting belief. Answer the below questions to identify why your beliefs exist.

  • Is there a particular thing that happened that made you feel this way?
  • Was there a really emotional experience that contributed to this belief?
  • Have you made up a story in your head that led to the creation of this belief?
  • What assumptions have I made about situations that led to this belief?

Sometimes, your negative beliefs have a basis. You think you suck at interviews because you’ve done two interviews in the past where you went totally blank and didn’t get the job. That doesn’t mean that you will forever until the end of time suck at interviews.


3. Determine what your lizard brain gains from your beliefs

For example, if your limiting belief is ‘I suck at interviews’ – don’t fool yourself. Your lizard brain is getting something out of that belief. Your dumb belief is making sure that you never apply for another job and get stuck in the same, horrible (but comfortable) job that you hate for eternity.

Your lizard brain mainly wants comfort, security, routine and ease.


4. Poke holes in your limiting beliefs

Let’s acknowledge that these beliefs have festered for years. Sadly, you can’t get rid of them all in one go. But you’ve taken the first step and identified them. Now, you need to work at poking holes in your belief/s.

Look at the negative beliefs that you’ve written down, and ask yourself

  • If I told this belief to someone who knows and believes in me, what would they say?
  • If I worked on improving this aspect of myself, could I overcome this limiting belief?
  • When have I done something that goes against the premise of this limiting belief? (Think of specific events that have occurred. This is important.)

5. Determine how valid the evidence behind your negative beliefs is

Your beliefs have all arisen from evidence. It might be false or just dumb evidence – but it’s still evidence that your brain uses when it wants to confirm your belief. Let’s look at the belief ‘I suck at job interviews’.

That belief is supported by

  1. The time you totally froze up when you interviewed for that job
  2. The time that you did an interview, managed to answer all of the questions (you thought at the time your answers were okay) but still didn’t get the job.

Think of reasons that these things might have occurred other than just ‘because you suck at job interviews’.

For example –

  • You froze up because you didn’t didn’t prepare for the interview at all. (not because you suck at job interviews)
  • You froze up because you got two hours sleep and had three cups of coffee that morning. (not because you suck at job interviews)
  • You didn’t get the job because you were 15 minutes late to the interview. (not because you suck at job interviews)
  • You didn’t get the job because they had an internal candidate lined up, and were only advertising as a formality (not because you suck at job interviews)

You need to take a fresh look at the evidence you’ve created to support your negative beliefs – because a lot of the time beliefs are based on false assumptions.

6. Brainstorm new evidence to support to opposite of your negative belief

Turn ‘I suck at job interviews’ in to ‘I’m kind of a pro when it comes to job interviews.

And think of evidence to support the new belief. (It needs to be solid, actual evidence. E.g. ‘My supervisor told me last week that I was a natural at talking to people after sitting in a meeting with me’.)

For example:

  • When you reached out for feedback after an interview, the interviewer told you that you were their second highest pick, and that you interviewed really well.
  • You obtained your current job by going through a job interview and coming out on top.

If you’re struggling to think of current evidence, that’s okay. Think of ways that you can start to create empowering evidence of your new, better belief.

7. Celebrate yourself (and relax)

You’re not going to eliminate all of your negative beliefs today – it’s going to take a long time. But this is the start. Sending all of the good vibes. Negative beliefs suck.

Have a big mug of tea (a glass of wine might be more fitting for todays challenge).

I promise it will be a little lighter tomorrow.

Day 20 – Evaluate your Commitments

My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do.”


Today, the goal is to evaluate your time commitments and integrate more of the little things that light you up in to your daily life.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Write down a very rough idea of what your daily / weekly routine looks like (Here’s a weekly calendar template if you need it)
  • Evaluate your commitments in the week and cull. What’s bringing no value to your life? Get rid of it.
  • Integrate what makes you happy in to your daily life
  • Sign off and celebrate you doing you


Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Write down your weekly routine

Write out a very rough idea of what your daily / weekly routine looks like. Here’s a weekly calendar for those of you that would prefer a template.


2. Re-evaluate your commitments

Evaluate your weekly commitments. What’s on your rough weekly routine that’s bringing 0 value to your life? I’m talking about extra commitments (outside of the essential) that you just don’t want to do.

You might get your lash extensions / nails / fake tan / hair touched up every Thursday and you’re really not that fussed anymore. Maybe you feel obligated to go to Church on a Sunday when you’d be just as happy spiritually by watching a short sermon online and going without.

What are you committed to doing that isn’t bringing you value OR joy that you can get out of?


3. Integrate what makes you happy in to your life

Look at your weekly routine now, and compare it to your list of things that make you happy from Day 17.

How can you work those things in to your daily life? The key is making it as effortless as possible. As always, cater to your lizard brain. Don’t make this hard for yourself.

Some examples –

  • In the morning, you eat breakfast on the couch. You know that you love being outside in the early morning. Can you get a little seat for your backyard so that you can sit outside while you eat your breakfast?
  • You get drinks with the girls on a Friday night. You think it’s kind of expensive and you hate the vibe of sleazy cocktail bars, but you do it so that you can catch up. From your big list of happiness you know that you love going to the movies – the ads, the popcorn, the vibes, the movies themselves, you’re a fan. Can you text the girls and ask to see a movie instead?

If there’s any way to integrate the little things that make you happy in to your daily life without much effort, do it.

The little things can make a HUGE difference. Just remember that changing your habits and routines to more positive ones can be a real process – take it one baby step at a time.

4. Sign Off

The fact that you’ve made it to day 20 is HECTIC. If you’re still following along, I’m so happy.

See you tomorrow – it’s going to be a big one.