The Life Map

Create your most amazing year yet.

The Life Map
The Life MapThe Life MapThe Life Map
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The Life Map is a yearly journal to help you design a meaningful life. It’s focused on action, helping you to move past dreaming and get started doing.

At the core of The Life Map are your four Twelve Week Dream Maps that will guide you through achieving your biggest dreams in 2020.  

Your purchase includes:

  • The Life Map Journal

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Imagine it's the end of 2020.

You've achieved some seriously big, scary goals for your year - and you feel so proud of yourself.

Throughout the year, you knew exactly which goals you needed to work on to make the most difference in your life. You had total clarity around what to do next to move yourself forward and you were filled with focus and motivation to make your goals happen.

If you have some big dreams for the next year, The Life Map is here to help you to get to them quicker and with a feeling of clarity that you otherwise wouldn't have.

You've probably  tried to set goals before and it hasn't worked out as planned. You've run in to problems like these:

  • You weren't sure what goals you should work on

  • You couldn't seem to stay consistent with your goals

  • You couldn't decide on what to actually commit to achieving

  • You didn't have a bigger vision to work towards

  • You got stuck in the 'creating a plan' stage

  • You forgot to check in on your plans and your goals

I've dealt with all of these problems, so I created a resource to help you move through them and actually start ticking off your goals.

  • What's inside?
  • New Year Reset
  • Dream Guides
  • Monthly Refresh
  • Weekly Plan and Review

The Life Map includes 30+ pages of activities that will help you to design a year of intention. These activities have been thoughtfully chosen to help you to create your most amazing year yet.

The Life Map has four dream guides so that you can map out your dreams for the year.

In your Dream Guide pages, you’ll be guided through:

  • brainstorming your dreams
  • deciding on which dream is the MOST important right now
  • creating a plan for how you’re going to bring your dreams to life

Your Monthly Life Refresh is a monthly check in to sit down, reflect, and plan your month ahead. Your refresh pages also include a goal refresh, because goals don’t always (almost never) go as planned - and that’s normal.

Weekly Plan / Review Pages (Enough to take a four week break from your goals!)

Your weekly planning pages are designed to keep you moving forward towards your most important goal. You'll also have a weekly review page where you can evaluate how your week went and plan for an even better week going forward.

What people think

As I was creating this planner, I had five badass babes in the community test it out for a few weeks and provide me with their feedback to make improvements on The Life Map (their feedback was priceless). Here are a few of the nice things that they had to say:

"This is the only goal planner that I've used that made me THINK. The process of choosing goals that align with your values and future long-term goals is the first I have experienced. I also really enjoyed that it was both structured (text response) and creative (especially loved the "Your Big Vision" planning pages)"

"It's such a refreshing approach to a planner and one I really connected with. I find there aren't many planners in between "dreaming and visioning but not much practical action" or "goal setting, habits, stale same same approach" or feel restrictive but you've done an amazing job of capturing visioning, reflection, and practical movement forward."

"Can I pre order a copy? Haha Loved it and found lots of value in using it the past couple of weeks. I know this is only a mock-up but I would honestly buy it as is. I think this is a fab idea that totally aligns with your brand."

Ooh, tell me more...

Journal overview

Here's a snapshot look at what's inside the journal. 

Designing a Year of Intention

At the start of the journal, you’ll reflect on your last year and design an amazing year ahead with around 30 pages of 'new year reset' activities. In the designing a year of intention section, you'll find a collection of all of the most impactful reflection and planning activities that I've completed that have shaped my years past in the one place.

Your dream maps

Your four dream maps are at the core of The Life Map. Your journal has four dream maps that guide you through how you’ll create a more meaningful life during the year. Your dream maps help you to decide what you’re going to focus on for the upcoming twelve weeks and map out how you’ll achieve your goals. Every twelve weeks you’ll complete a dream map and start working on new dreams.

Dream map #1 up to Dream Map #4

  • Your dream guide - My FAVOURITE part of The Life Map. On your Dream Guide pages, you’ll brainstorm your dreams, decide on which dream is the MOST important right now, then create a plan for how you’re going to bring your dreams to life.
  • Your twelve weeks - You'll have twelve weekly plan / weekly review pages to complete to help you move forward towards your goals. The pages will keep you motivated, on track, and celebrate your successes along the way.
  • Monthly refresh - Your Monthly Life Refresh is a monthly check in to make sure that you’re living your life in line with the road map that you created for yourself in the “Designing a Year of Intention” section. Take a few minutes to sit down, reflect, and plan your month ahead. Your refresh pages also include a goal refresh, because goals don’t always (almost never) go as planned - and that’s normal.
  • Dream Map Close Out - At the end of each Twelve Week Dream Map, you'll revisit your progress, celebrate your successes and plan for an even better twelve weeks ahead.
  • Twelve Week Life Reset - Your Twelve Week Life Reset is a chance to sit down and hit the reset button on your life each quarter. This is where you go deeper on revisiting your intentions for the year, your values and your goals and figure out how you want to move forward.


What kind of planner is this?

This is a weekly planner and will have four sets of twelve week weekly plan / weekly review pages, which are at the core of the journal. To see the weekly plan / review pages, take a look at a the product images above.

 Are the 'new year reset' activities at the start of the journal different to the ones you've gone through in past videos?

The new year reset activities in the journal overlap with my favourite activities that I've talked about in my past videos. They're a collection of all of the most impactful activities that I've completed that have shaped my years past in the one place. While some you may not have seen before, others are going to be lifelong favourites.

If you have a question, email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

The nitty-gritty details


  • 228pgs
  • A5 Size (148 x 210 mm / 5.8 x 8.3 in)
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • Fabric cover
  • 120gsm paper (That feels beautiful and luxurious)
  • Hardcover
  • Vegan
  • Pages lay flat with ease. Very little breaking in required.

Sustainability and the Environment

  • Created in Australia
  • Produced Carbon Neutral (Find out more here)
  • Created with Vegetable Based Inks
  • Created with FSC Certified paper
  • Packaged in a compostable mailer
  • Wrapped in compostable protective material
  • Accompanied by a small, recycled card

Shipping and Returns

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