My Youtube Equipment

I get asked a lot what cameras and programs that I use to edit my videos, so I thought I'd put an equipment list all in one place with a little bit of context around each item.

I'll probably pop in once every six months to update this list, so keep an eye out for new equipment or changes to equipment.

All of the links on this page are affiliate links - so if you buy through the links provided you'll be supporting my channels growth xoxo

Cameras and Lenses

Canon 80D

Love my Canon 80D. Remember - the camera body that you use is important, but if you're concerned mostly about the look of the video, you need to focus on the lens. A crappy body and great lens will usually shoot great video.

Sigma 18-35mm

I use this lens for any of my sitting-down-chatting type videos. It's my standard go to.


I use my G7X for all 'vlog' type videos. Productive days in the life, self care days, they're all filmed with this lil camera.

SIgma 30mm

I adore this lens for dreamy shots - love using it for b-roll, the depth of field is killer.

Other stuff

Magnus VT-4000 Professional

A high quality, solid tripod :)

Seagate hard drive

If you're doing youtube, at some point you'll need a hard drive. The biggest once you can find, if possible. I always go back to seagate.

rode video mic pro

Once again, if you're doing youtube, at sooome point you're going to need a mic. Rode mics are reasonably priced and they're easy to use, producing great sound.