The Life Map Journal

Hey! Hi!

So... I'm very close to releasing a product that's been a loong time coming.

It's a 12 Week Goal Journal called "The Life Map" that I've been using and refining since March. MARCH. But it's finally close to release! Keep an eye out for the pre-sale of "The Life Map" towards the end of October / early November.

The Life Map is a tool designed to help you to choose the goals that are the MOST impactful for you and to actually stick with them and take action until you can tick them off.

It has a section dedicated to designing a year of intention in 2020, a "Dream Guide" to help you choose the right goals and weekly spreads each week so that you can focus on and move towards your goals in motivating 12 week increments.

Thank you for all of your help in letting me know what your biggest struggles with goals have been - I appreciate it so very much.