The Life Map Resource Page

On this page are resources to help you get the most out of The Life Map. Use these resources for inspiration, motivation and direction as you complete your own journal.


Completed Example of The Life Map

I'm a HUGE example kind of gal, examples help me so much when I'm trying to get inspiration, so this was an essential resource to provide.

Extra Weekly Pages

If you get to the end of your twelve weeks and you just need a feeew extra weeks to close things out, I feel you, I've been there. Use these templates.

Values Resource

The values resource provides you with some additional prompts to get to the bottom of your values and a list of values to choose from.

Vision Resource

The vision resource provides you with space to create your 'vision story' as well as a written list of prompts to get you thinking.

So I decluttered my entire life - and I filmed it.