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 Confession: I literally used to pick my goals by googling 'top new years resolution ideas'.

 I wouldn't know what goal to chuck on my list, so I looked for the most generic goals that I could find - then popped them right on to my list of goals to achieve. 

 I cherry picked other people's goals because I had no idea what I really wanted. I thought that by copying what other people wanted, I might find myself chasing the right things. As you can imagine, my goals of 'growing my hair longer' and 'getting healthy' lead to great accomplishments - I put olive oil on my hair for like a week and went on multiple walks over the course of 2016 -2017.

But the 'not knowing what tf you want' struggle isn't uncommon. It's really difficult to figure out what you actually want. And even when you think you know what you want, you often will find out that you were wrong.

This workbook is about getting to the heart of what you really want in life (it also touches on getting to the heart of what you really don't want in life, which can give you just as much direction).

I'm a serious example, scenario, step by step kind of gal.  I didn't just want to give you a workbook, I wanted to make sure that you were totally clear on how to get the most possible out of the workbook.

I'd 100% recommend watching the video that I created on How to Figure out What you Want so that you get the MOST out of the workbook.

I appreciate you so freaking much.

Sending all of the love and good vibes your way,