My all-time favourite apps

I get asked a lot what my favourite apps are - these are the apps that I use to organise my life and live better.

I'll probably pop in once every six months to update this list, so keep an eye out for new apps as I add them.

Apps that I use all the time...


I use Ulysses every time I go to write out a video plan for you guys. It's minimal as heeeell and so beautiful to use.


Things is my favourite to do app - its a little bit expensive, but I adore it. I use it to manage all of my home tasks.


Libby is my favourite app of all time. It's a free library app where you can get out books for freeee. Your local library will need to work with Libby for you to take advantage of it.

google home

You guys know I use google home SO MUCH. Mainly to do little crazy timed cleans and to add to my shopping list, to be totally honest, but I couldn't live without em.

the podcast app

I've searched far and wide for my fave podcast app and this is it! This is what I listen to all of my favourite podcasts on.


Freedom is LIFE CHANGING. Delete all your social media apps and turn on freedom to gain your time back.


Asana is a new tool in my life that I'm using to track all of my business to dos. My production schedule sits in Asana and keeps me on task.