I help the badass babes of the world to take action.

Hey! I'm Michelle.

The MuchelleB community is a home for badass babes to come together and learn, grow, do a healthy amount of comfort-zone-pushing and a whole lot of goal getting.

Why badass babes?

I know what you're probably thinking.  Badass AND babe are a liiiittle over used in the self development world.

Why badass babes? It's getting a little old.

'How to be a badass babe' was one of the first videos I made that pushed me in to the world that is intentional living.

I was pottering around a v tiny filing room in my v boring corporate job filing contract after contract - and in a moment of (semi meditative) inspiration - I wrote down on a scrap piece of paper 'HOW TO BE A BADASS BABE' followed by my guide posts on the way I wanted to live my life.

For the first time, I created a 'model' of the kind of person that I wanted to be, based on the traits that I admired and wanted to emulate the most.

'Badass' and 'babe' are, reliably, the EXACT words that come out of my mouth when I see a beautiful human (we're talking internal beauty, the important kind) doing their thing and getting their goals.

Started a social enterprise? That's a badass move. Just launched your youtube channel helping people to learn Spanish with ease? What. a. babe. Working hard to declutter and simplify your space on the daily? You're a badass babe. Made the change to ethical only clothing? You're officially a member of the badass babes club.

Badass babes are people that want to live their lives intentionally - to consciously design a lifestyle that they love. They're people that go out of their way to design a life that supports the way that they want to spend their energy, their time and their focus. I've met the people in our community. You're all a bunch of badass babes. Hence: Badass babes.

My non-linear and imperfect story

When I was in my teens, my dad handed me the 7 Habits of Highly Effective people to read through. I devoured it. Amidst my love for creating drag and drop doll maker websites,  personalised glitter graphics and Nancy Drew books, I knew I was learning something important.

The idea of behavioural change was totally new to me. You can change?? who you are?? the way you act???? you can live better?? I was all about it.

Until I forgot about it. Completely.

Time passed, I graduated high school and spent most of my time on tumblr reblogging memes. My weekends were a mixture of me over-drinking and me trying really really hard to fit in with people that I wasn't made to fit in with.

After a whole lot of procrastinating and decent stint of unemployment post-school, I started working in a job that involved a whoole lot of printing, stapling and filing. I felt SO lost. And incredibly bored. Like - I can recall falling asleep at my desk while labelling files kind of bored.

So I decided to do something interesting and take a chance. I created a fashion and beauty youtube channel. That's right - I started as a beauty guru slash diy queen. My first video was actually an in-depth guide to nipple piercings - but that's another story.

And I kept on floating through life. I got to do something a little creative, which was great - but somehow I felt even more lost.

Until one fine day (I imagine it was beautiful and sunny - the air probably smelt like freshly mowed grass) I stumbled across a book. A little, relatively unknown book called 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up'.

I went ballistic. I decluttered my entire freaking life - and I filmed it.

After a while, I could actually open the office cupboard without fear of everything falling out. My wardrobe had empty space in it. My container drawer didn’t overwhelm me. It truly was magical.

By the end of my first big declutter, I’d started diving even deeper in to the world of self development, behavioural change, improving your life. Clearing out my space made me realise that it wasn't just my space that was out of control - it was my literal life.

That's when I decided to take my simplification even further and create my very own simplify your life challenge.  I went through my very own decluttering challenge and simplified my space until I finally hit that point where things clicked.

It wasn't just my space that was impacted.

I finally hit 100K on youtube because I got intentional about what I was making. Gone were the weekends spent over-drinking and people pleasing. After years of trying to develop a 'personal style' my very own style finally came together after removing all of the clothes that didn't bring me joy. I saved a lot of money and bought an investment property. I started getting intentional about setting goals, expressing gratitude and organising my life a little.

To sum it up, I (slowly) realised that I was able to live a life of intention. That sliding through life was not the answer.

I had decided to consciously create my life, and it had worked. So I kept on moving - and creating videos about it along the way.

And it wasn’t just me that I was helping, I was helping you guys too.

It was wild to me that I was able to take someone from the place that I’d been, of just sliding through life, to actually thinking about the way they were living and making the changes that they needed to make to live a life that felt intentional.

I’ve come really friggin far, but I’m still on my intentional living journey - and my goal is to continuously learn and grow, then come on Youtube and share my learnings and my stories with you guys, the badass babe community, and see all of you making your own changes that help you live your life in a way that’s aligned with you. That’s what I love.

Badass Babe Code of Ethics

Learning and Growth

Always be learning n' expanding your mind.


If you aren't taking baby steps out of your comfort zone, you're not growing.


Compassion for self and others. Treat others the way that they want to be treated and treat yourself as you would a (close, valued and precious) friend.

Goal Getting

Goals = growth.

Acceptance and Kindness

We support, encourage and uplift. We spread kindness with our words.