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Late Sign Ups

Hey Everyone!

The love that this challenge has received has been AMAZING!

It’s been overwhelming and I’m so grateful! At this point, sign ups to receive daily emails are closed to most people.

This page is for the few of you that were affected by an email glitch. My email provider has advised that to start receiving the emails, you’ll need to sign up to the below form for a second time (I know! It’s a pain. Thanks so much for your patience!).

Something for you to note – I’m ALSO going to be uploading the content to this blog for everyone to access – this wasn’t in the original plan, but I want everyone to be included – including those who might have found out about the challenge a little later. If you aren’t keen on the daily emails, there’ll be a link in the description of every video to a blog post with ALL of the email content.  This might be easier for some of you!

Thanks again for all of the interest – it’s been AMAZING (if a little unexpected!)

Sending all of the love your way xoxo