Ethical Fashion Stores

Ethical Fashion Stores

(That I would actually buy from)

Most of the ethical fashion stores that I find are v bohemian or geared towards middle-aged women, which is a problem when you reallyyy wanna look like this:


As a young person trying to do the ethical fashion thing, I’ve really struggled to find ethical fashion sources that are in line with my vibe.

This post is a collection of websites that stock ethical clothing that I would actually buy, to help out those who are having the same troubles as me.

Sidenote: I’m from Australia, so these websites will be a lil biased towards the Australian market.

1 . Everlane

If you’re looking for HQ basics, Everlane is where it’s at. For real though, they’re anti-patterns, anti-prints and they’ve stolen my heart.

PS THEIR SHOES / BAGS AREN’T VEGAN. I was so excited when I saw the shoes that they had stocked, but prepare to be disappointed if you’re looking for vegan shoes / bags </3.


2. Reformation

Okay, reformation isn’t a haven of minimalistic neutral hg pieces, but the odd gem comes up. They’re also amazing if you’re after a party dress, and offer a pretty huge variety of clothing (with reasonable price tags) for an ethical store.


3. Lagom Studio

Lagom studio has a collection of different labels stocked with similar, minimal, simple aesthetics. I sometimes am put off by their stock, but they have lovely pieces come up from time to time.


4. Armed Angels

Not all of the stock is in line with my vibe by any means, but Armed Angels has some good basics.


5. Gather and See

The gather and see founders have sought out different designers that fit into at least two of their five philosophies: Fair Trade, Organic, Eco-Friendly, Small-Scale Production and Heritage. There’s a good range of clothing available.


6. Matt & Nat

Vegan handbags you guysss. They also have vegan shoes – I’m probably more into the handbags tho.

7. Good Studios

Idk about you guys but when I hear ‘hemp fabrics‘ I immediately think of byron-bay-hippie-clothing. Good Studios is defying the stereotype.

8. Vege Threads

100% Organic eco-friendly materials made in Australia. Vege threads isn’t the full-blown minimalistic, b&w&g haven, but once again, some great basics that you can work into your wardrobe.


9. Outland Denim

I went to a forum where the lady who ran this spoke – she’s a mega babe who works her ass off to help young, vulnerable girls that have been taken in into the sex industry. If you’re looking for jeans that are ethically produced, have a look at Outland Denim.


10. Kowtow

Look, I probably wouldn’t wear 80% of the clothes on Kowtow, not because they aren’t lovely, they just are a bit extra for me. In saying that, the other 20% are great.


As I find good, ethical stores I’ll keep on adding to this list. If you know of an ethical store that would fit right in on this list, comment below xoxo

Much love,



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