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Declutter your Wardrobe | Day 2 | Simplify your Life 30 Day Challenge




“We have traded our freedom for overfilled closets, and our passion for unnecessary maintenance. We have sacrificed life in pursuit of clutter.” – Joshua Becker

Declutter your Wardrobe

We’re kicking off physical decluttering with your wardrobe – because starting with your wardrobe will put you on a bit of a high, and leave you ready tackle the harder challenges that come up in the next 28 days.

Feel free to watch my daily challenge video for a recap of the below.


Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Create some guiding questions to help you declutter (i.e Is this comfortable? Does this fit me? Does this spark joy? Does this fit in with my style?)
  • Take all of your clothing out of it’s normal space
  • Sort your clothing into categories (Jumper / Coats / Jackets etc, Dresses, Playsuits, T-shirts / Blouses / singlets etc, Skirts, Shorts, Pants, Pyajamas / Loungewear, Bras / Underwear, Swimmers, Socks, Shoes, Bags, Clutches and purses, Jewellery / Sunglasses and Watches etc)
  • Consider every piece of clothing against the guiding questions that you’ve chosen
  • Return the clothes you’ve kept to their designated space and donate, sell or discard the rest
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are


Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Create some guiding questions to help you declutter

Before you start decluttering your closet, grab your notebook. Open up a fresh page and write out some guiding questions that you want to ask yourself when you consider each item in your wardrobe.

Make sure to have a few guiding questions based on style. Having some more ‘style’ related guiding questions (e.g. Does this fit in with my colour palette?), you’re working towards creating a more consistent and defined wardrobe.

  • Here are some examples of guiding questions
  • Does this fit with my colour palette?
  • Does this go with anything else in my wardrobe?
  • Does this fit with the vibe (i.e boho, minimal, classic) that I want to give off?
  • Does this spark joy?
  • Does this fit properly and is it comfortable?
  • Have I worn it in the past year?
  • If someone else was wearing this, would I ask them where they bought it?
  • Does this piece make me feel good when I wear it?



2. Take all items of clothing out of their normal space

Before you start decluttering, remove all of your clothing from it’s normal space. Put it on the floor / bed. (Don’t forget the clothes still in the laundry or in the spare room!)

By doing this, you’ll be able to look at your clothing more objectively. You’ll probably notice weird things that you’ve never reaaally noticed before about your clothing.




3. Sort your clothing in to categories

Break your clothing in to smaller, more ‘do-able’ categories – that way you can take it one step at a time.

Sort your clothing in to these piles:

  • Jumpers, Coats, Jackets etc
  • Dresses
  • Playsuits
  • T-shirts, blouses, singlets etc
  • Skirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants
  • Pyajamas / Loungewear (they can have their own little section)
  • Bras and Underwear
  • Swimmers
  • Socks
  • Shoes
  • Bags, clutches and purses
  • Jewellery, Sunglasses and Watches etc


4. Consider every piece of clothing against the guiding questions that you’ve chosen


Category by category, go through and pick up each piece of clothing. As you hold up a piece of clothing, ask the guiding questions that you set in step one. If the piece doesn’t fit with your guiding questions, it goes.

Create your yes and no pile, and (only if you really need to), a maybe pile.


5. Return / Donate / Discard

Return your clothes to their designated space. I recommend folding all of your pants, shorts and skirts vertically (because folding vertically has honestly has made my life SO much easier). See more about folding vertically here.

If you plan on donating your clothes, bag them up NOW and put them straight in your car boot to take to your local thrift store. Set a time to donate or they might end up in your boot for a year and a half, like my sister.

If you’re planning a garage sale or to sell items online, put a time in your diary NOW for when you’re going to get sh*t done. If you leave your bags sitting in the corner of your room for months, you’re going to feel so disappointed in yourself.

If some of the clothing is too damaged or worn to donate, it might need to be discarded. Keep in mind that a lot of clothing can’t be put in the recycling bin. (Another great reason to simplify and reduce how many new clothing items you buy).



At the end of today’s challenge I got rid of 1 1/2 garbage bags. Seems like kind of a lot – but last time I got rid of 9 garbage bags of clothing. 1 whooole garbage bag was literally filled with just socks and underwear. It’s so gratifying to see how far I’ve come. Watch my clothing konmari video from early 2016 here.


6. Celebrate how fabulous you are

Yesss, you did it! So proud of you b.


Treat yourself to some tea, or a coffee, or a wine – whatever beverage is your thing to celebrate getting through day 2.

Lots of love xoxo

Set your Intentions | Day 1 | Simplify your Life 30 Day Challenge


“The less I needed, the better I felt.” – Charles Bukowski


Firstly – Welcome! I’m so freaking pumped that you’re here. This is the first day of the 30 day simplify your life challenge.

Today you’re going to spend some time planning for the 29 days to come. Feel free to watch my daily challenge video for a recap of the below.

Your mini checklist for todays challenge:

  • Print the 30 day checklist (linked)
  • Start a dedicated ‘simplify your life‘ notebook (online or physical)
  • Write down why you’re doing this challenge, what your end goal is, the blocks you might face along the way and how you’ll overcome them
  • Do your laundry
  • Celebrate how fabulous you are

Your step by step guide for todays challenge:

1. Print the 30 Days to Simplify Checklist

If you have access to a printer, open this checklist, print it out and put it somewhere visible.

2. Get a dedicated notebook (online or physical)

Create a new section in your online note taking app and dedicate it to the Simplify your Life Challenge – OR find a pen and physical notebook for the challenge.

This will mainly be for the last two weeks of mental decluttering activities.

3. Prepare for the challenge

Start a fresh page in your notebook, and answer the following questions.

  • Why are you doing this challenge?

Write down: Why you made the decision to take on this challenge in the first place. e.g. You’re stressed as hell, your space is always messy, you don’t have a clue what you own, etc

  • What’s your end goal?

Write down: How you want to feel at the end of the challenge. e.g. Every afternoon you want to walk in to a clear, open space surrounded by only the items that you love.

  • What are your blocks?

Write down: What blocks might come up that will stop you from doing this challenge? What will you do to over come them? e.g. You work and it’s hard to motivate yourself in the afternoons. You’ll listen to a motivating podcast on the way home, and have your 30 days to simplify checklist on the bench as you walk in the door

4. If you’re self pacing, plan it out.

If you think decluttering your physical space is going to take a long time for you, self pacing is an option.

Decide to put the emails in to a folder in your inbox and self pace by doing 2 challenges a week, or customise it to what works for you.

5. Do your laundry

Gather your dirty clothes and chuck them in the washing machine, because tomorrow we’re decluttering your wardrobe.

6. Celebrate how fabulous you are

When you dwell on your successes, big and small, you release a whole bunch of success-type-happy-vibes vibes in your brain. After a while, your brain starts to dig those success-type-happy-vibes. You can train your brain to crave success-type-happy-vibes by actually celebrating your successes when they come around (something that’s so easy to not do).

After completing every daily challenge, there’s going to be a final step where you celebrate how fabulous you are. You don’t need to throw a party – just sit down, maybe pour yourself a beverage (tea, wine, maybe a hot chocolate) and give yourself a little ‘eff yes I did it!’ pat on the back.

YOU’VE DONE THE FIRST CHALLENGE. I’m so freaking proud of you ️

Tomorrow we’re getting started on the fun stuff: physical decluttering.